Print large on a small budget.

Print large parts up to a meter long with an affordable, large-format 3D printer. The F770 delivers spacious build capacity in an easy-to-use platform with the reliability and consistency of Stratasys FDM technology.

F770 printers can handle the big jobs, with the capacity you need to build sizable parts. With a 13 cubic-foot (372 liter) build volume, there’s plenty of room to print large manufacturing tools, prototypes and end-use parts. Interested in avoiding the pitfalls of printing large parts and learning how to optimize your results? Download our e-book.

F770 Applications

Jigs & Fixtures

Lower the cost and lead time to make or outsource manufacturing tools by 3D printing them instead. The F770’s substantial build volume means you can create larger tools in a single piece rather then making them in multiple parts that have to be bonded together.


Prototyping large parts easily and in-house is now possible, thanks to the generous capacity of the F770. Print your designs in full size instead of using scaled-down versions. Validate concepts and fit faster, accelerating the design and production process.

End-Use Parts

3D printing is the perfect tool for short-run end-use parts that aren’t economical to produce with CNC machining or other traditional manufacturing methods. The F770 is right-sized to accommodate the needs of these limited production volumes whether it’s many smaller parts or a few large items.

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F770 System Specifications

System Size                            69 x 49 x 77 in. (1,752 x 1,244 x 1,955 mm)

System Weight                       1450 lbs (658 Kg)

Accuracy                                 Parts are produced within an accuracy of +/- .010 in. (.254 mm) or +/- .002 in./in.,          (.002 mm/mm) whichever is greater.

Maximum Build Size (XYZ)    39.4 x 24 x 24 in. (1,000 x 610 x 610 mm)

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F770 Materials

F770 printers use ABS-M30 (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) standard thermoplastics. These widely used materials are optimal for the creation of durable but lightweight jigs and fixtures, as well as prototypes, concept models and end-use parts.

Model Materials                      ABS-M30, ASA

Support material                    QSR, SR-30™, SR-35™

From CAD to Reality

The part you design is the part you should get. But that’s not always the case, particularly as your part size grows. The F770 employs time-tested oven technology that ensures tight thermal management over every inch of your part, even if it’s three feet long. 

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F770 Case Study

For luxury appliance maker Sub-Zero, being able to print large parts provides efficiencies that just aren’t possible with smaller-capacity printers. Watch the video to see how Sub-Zero leverages the benefits of the F770.

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