Stereolithography 3D Printing

SLA uses an ultraviolet laser to precisely cure photopolymer cross-sections, transforming them from liquid to solid.

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SLA Applications

  • Master patterns for vacuum casting

  • Sacrificial patterns for metal casting

  • Tools, moulds and dies

  • Functional prototypes and models

  • High clarity, transparent products, and components

  • Complex assemblies

  • Wind tunnel models

  • Under the hood components

  • Rapid production of flow test rigs

  • Mass customization

  • Custom assembly jigs and fixtures

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SLA Specifications

Build Volume                          Up to 500 x 500 x 450 mm

Accuracy                                ± 0.15% and a lower limit of ± 0.01 mm

Layer Thickness                     70 - 100 microns.

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SLA Materials

  • ABS-Like

  • PP-Like

  • PC-Like (Clear/Transparent)

  • High Temperature

  • Biocompatible

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