Production Parts

3D printing production parts has become an increasingly mainstream operation for companies requiring on-demand components

Why use 3D-printing technology for production parts?

The 3D-printing revolution has allowed for the timely and affordable production of geometrically complex parts in low volumes, much faster than is possible with traditional tooling and moulding.

Stratasys solutions can create the most durable, stable and repeatable models in the industry, using advanced materials that cater for every need.

  • Direct digital manufacturing means engineers are free to create parts with organic and complex shapes
  • In-house, fast, on-demand production leads to less time-consuming and more manageable inventories
  • Use exceptional high performance materials to ensure superior strength, durability and heat-resistant parts – perfect for ECS ducting.
  • Serve a variety of tasks in the medical industry, including biomechanically realistic practice dummies, educational aids and pre-operative planning
  • Huge library of materials to produce custom housings and enclosures to match individual specifications (consumer electronics, medical equipment, automotive parts, sports equipment, aerospace components, MRI and CT scanning machines and heavy construction equipment)
  • With Metal Additive Manufacturing you can Increase productivity and part quality with conformal cooling channels, Save time and costs in maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), Shorten lead time and lower expenditures with an efficient supply chain, Improve the final product with materials, like highly alloyed tool steel and pure copper.