Accelerate your design process and time to market with hyper-realistic packaging prototypes using 3D printing technology. Produce complex, high transparency, full-color 3D packaging with 2D graphics and labels in one print – using an all-digital workflow.

Packaging designers face three major challenges in their work

  • Packaging can be made with various materials, each requiring specific tools
  • A large number of prototypes is usually necessary
  • Ordering multiple one-off designs increases the overall cost of the prototyping stage With 3D Printing you will have infinite possibilities to overcome these issues:

Complex shapes

3D printers can print almost all shapes, so there is no significant price differences between different designs.

Multiple prototypes

Multiple design ideas can be evaluated simultaneously as one 3D printer can print multiple prototypes in one go.

In-house fabrication

Fabrication is done in-house to shorten lead times, lower the costs, and mitigate the risk of having the design leaked.

3D printers can streamline prototyping processes in plastic packaging design. The technology is capable of fabricating models in almost all shapes while a wide range of filaments can be used to imitate a variety of target materials.