Polyga CarbonXL

The new Polyga CarbonXL has a wider adjustable field of view and a brighter projector compared to the original model. Giving you even more flexibility and control for 3D scanning.

  • Type: Professional 3D scanner, Tripod mounted
  • Dimension (cm): 30.4 x 40.6 x 20.3
  • Cameras: 2 x 5-megapixel, monochrome or color
  • Software: Flexscan3D for 3D capturing and post-processing

Flexible Design, Maximum Value

Instead of having only two preset mounting positions on the mount like the original Carbon, you can place the cameras anywhere on the CarbonXL’s flexible slider mount. Create any field of view you want.

1. Minimum Camera Mounting Position

70mm Field of View: for scanning smaller objects

2. Maximum Camera Mounting Position

800mm Field of View: for scanning larger objects

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Polyga CarbonXL Specifications

Adjustable Field of view (mm)    70 to 800 diagonal via adjustable positions on the mount

Point-to-point distance (mm)      70mm FOV: 0.027
      800mm FOV: 0.260

Accuracy                                     70mm FOV: 25 microns (0.025mm)
      800mm FOV: 70 microns (0.070mm)

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Polyga CarbonXL Scan Samples

Scan Objects Small and Large

The Polyga CarbonXL 3D scanner empowers you to scan objects as small as an artifact to a car door using only a single system.

Get It in Detail

The CarbonXL 3D scanner uses a pair of 5-megapixel industrial machine vision cameras to get capture all the fine details in your scan target.

1. Shoes Sole

2. Car Bumper 

3. Artifact 

4. Plastic Bottle  

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Polyga CarbonXL Case Study

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