J55 Prime 

Possibilities at every turn.

The J55 Prime 3D printer introduces full color, high fidelity with tactile, functional and sensory capabilities - making the efficiency and quality of PolyJet Technology more affordable and office friendly than ever before. Create everything from quick design iterations to high quality final prototypes, all in a compact, quiet, and odorless process.

Why J55 Prime?


With the J55™ Prime, there’s no need to compromise. Upgrade your design process with high resolution, fast prints, and multimaterial capabilities.


The J55™ Prime offers the best footprint-to-tray ratio on the market, allowing you to create the maximum number of models in one print.


Whether you need full color, rigid or transparent materials, elastic flexible surfaces, or Digital ABS for functional prototyping, the J55 Prime offers a wide range of choices.

Office friendly

Engineered for your office or studio space. It’s ultra-quiet, operating under 53 decibels – about the same as a household refrigerator. The smell free system uses a ProAero™ Air Extractor to capture and filter out fumes.

J55 Prime Advantage


From wood to fabric, the J55™ Prime offers a texture option to suit every design need. Virtually eliminate post-processing and upgrade the realism of your models with just a few clicks.

Color variation

Create nearly 640,000 unique combinations, including Pantone Verified colors. Save hours of time by replacing hand-painting techniques with vibrant color finishes.


Realize your design ideas more fully with transparent materials. VeroUltraClearS can simulate glass and plastic in a range of tints for models that look and function like the real thing.

Pantone Validated

When design decisions are color-dependent, the J55™ Prime provides PANTONE® validation and makes the Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors available for 3D printed models.

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J55 Prime System Specifications

System Size                           651 x 661 x 1511mm (25.63 x 26.02 x 59.49 in.)


System Weight                      228 kg (503 lbs)

Accuracy                               Deviation from STL dimensions, for 1 Sigma (67%) of models printed        with rigid materials, based on size: under 100 mm – ±150μ; above 100 mm – ±0.15% of part length. ** Deviation from STL dimensions, for 2 Sigma (95%) of models printed with rigid materials, based on size: under 100 mm – ±180μ; above 100 mm – ±0.2% of part length. **

Maximum Build Size (XYZ)  140 x 200 x 190mm (5.51 x 7.87 x 7.48 in.) 

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J55 Prime Materials

Tactile, opaque, flexible, transparent or rigid– the J55™ Prime offers a wide range of materials to suit all your design needs. Multi-material capabilities let you load up to five materials at once and create multi-color or multi shore level parts in one print. With expansive options for color and texture combinations, there’s no need for hand painting.


Introduces sharpness in graphics, vibrant and precision colors and better plastic simulation.


Create superior part fidelity with tactile and sensory capabilities providing results that look, feel and function like the real thing.


Simulate standard ABS plastics functional modeling combining high temperature resistance and high toughness.

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J55 Prime Case Study

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