Print smarter and faster, at any size

Whatever the complexity, the J4100 can handle any design. An ultra-large build tray, multi-material capabilities, fast throughput, and a wide range of material properties mean unlimited design possibilities and improved productivity.

Production level shouldn’t be limited by your tools. The J4100 offers an extra-large build space, letting you create meter-long parts in one build. For smaller parts, the roomy build tray lets you print multiple models at once, saving on cost-per-part.

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J4100 System Specifications

System Size                            1906 x 2868 x 2102 mm

System Weight                        2200 kg (4850 lbs)

Maximum Build Size (XYZ)     1000 x 800 x 500 mm  

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J4100 Materials

The J4100 offers multiple materials for a variety of applications, including flexible and transparent materials for the most realistic models. Agilus30 allows for shore values ranging from slightly rubbery to soft and pliable, which means designs can look and feel like the real thing. VeroUltraClear, which mimics clear acrylic and provides great transparency, makes it simple to simulate products with glass or plastic components.

Rigid Opaque               VeroPureWhite, VeroBlackPlus, VeroGray, VeroBlue

Rubberlike                    Agilus30 Clear, Agilus30 Black, Agilus30 White 

Transparent                  VeroClear, VeroUltraClear

Digital                            Digital ABS Plus, Ivory (RGD515 Plus & RGD531), Digital ABS Plus, Green (RGD515 Plus & RGD531)

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PolyJet Materials Whitepaper

All that size means lots of flexibility, and the versatility to choose just the right material for your application. Learn about the full range of PolyJet materials in this comprehensive whitepaper.

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