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Digital dentistry with 3D printing

Dental 3D printing

3D printing is revolutionising the dental industry by sparking the age of ‘digital dentistry,’ where the elimination of manual modelling bottlenecks is delivering better clinical outcomes and allowing businesses to grow to their full potential.

Using a 3D printer and working direct from orally scanned digital files, dental laboratories now have the ability to accurately and rapidly produce crowns, bridges, stone models, surgical guides and a range of orthodontic appliances.

The technology is speeding up production while improving quality and precision, delivering significant time and cost savings for labs and practices of all sizes.

Why use 3D printing for dentistry?

  • Enhance the patient experience – no more wasted time, materials or storage space
  • Cut days off delivery times and produce more accurate, comfortable and effective orthodontic appliances
  • Replicate real-life conditions and produce customised tools, thereby improving surgical planning, minimising patient discomfort and speeding up recovery
  • Produce patient-specific models and end-use oral fixtures in very fine detail with smooth surfaces
  • Regardless of complexity, models closely mimic gum/bone texture and enable better procedures and outcomes

Dental Prosthetic Components Printed in SLM Solutions SLM 125 Metal 3D Printer in CoCr Material