Founded in 2012, ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.is a niche player and a leading value-added distributor for Technology Products in India with its world-class team and performance excellence for the industry segments like Animation, Architectural Engineering & Construction, Gaming, Graphic Design, Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Product Design and Robotics. The company partners with clients in achieving effective solutions to meet the inherent challenges of its client’s critical business processes.

Headquartered in New Delhi with 350 employees spread across 9 cities in India. Increasingly, the company has become one of the key partners for leading brands, supporting and fueling the growth of the local industries through partner enablement programs.

With a wide expertise in multiple industry domains, Ark Additive is a one stop shop for all 3d printing, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing products & services. With the 3d printing products and solutions becoming more complicated, Ark additive aims to bridge the gap between the additive manufacturing solution and industry requirement.

Our Value

With the motive of delivering the best of industry's technology solutions, our core principle embodies Integrity and Customer Satisfaction. At ARK Infosolutions, we constantly strive to deliver ingenious, cost-effective and comprehensive technology solutions to our clients that results to enthralling customer experiences.

Passionate about Challenges

As a team, we recognize the opportunities and threats inherent in the technology landscape and strive to provide the most sought-after and pertinent solutions to solve the most complex businesses.

Instinct to Transform

Technology excites us! What makes us stand out are the people who are driving the change, empowering people to develop new insights, setting clear expectations, align values and vision with employee practices.

Sharpen to Simplify

By leveraging the current technology ecosystem, we try to simplify businesses through intuitive technology solutions that address your challenges and growth.

Not only in terms of application, we have come a very long way developing various materials and part build sizes. Once limited by dimension, now one can print parts over 1 meter in length. The multi-material options give power to one 3d printing machine to build parts for multiple applications. The advancement in material research now allows plastic and polymer-based parts to be as strong as metal counterparts. In terms of aesthetics 3d printing can replicate real life parts and can be used for multiple applications.

In order to provide the best-in-class technology options to its customers, Ark additive has partnered with Stratasys and makerbot for Industrial and desktop plastic and polymer based 3d printers. For metal 3d printing Ark additive has partnered with SLM solutions, Germany. With increase in demand for 3d scanners, Ark additive has signed up with Polyga which promises to deliver the most innovative and versatile 3d scanners.

In the constant endeavor to provide the best for the customers, Ark additive has exclusive “Experience Centers” at multiple locations that allows customers to see, touch and use the machines before procurement. This is an exclusive offering from Ark additive and slots for experience center visit can be booked online through the website itself. Check out the latest innovation in the industry by visiting the experience center.

Ark additive is a part of Ark Infosolution. Headquartered in New Delhi with 350+ employees & spread across 9+ cities in India along with a network of partner across India, the company has been fueling the growth of the local industries through technology enablement for over a decade.

Additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and 3d printing was introduced in India over a decade ago and since then slowly organizations have started moving from the traditional means like milling and subtractive manufacturing and moving towards 3d printing. Aerospace and automotive sector being the primary audience for 3d printing, now the technology has also penetrated the other industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, education & research and many others.

The technology gives one the power to improve and innovate every stage of the product life cycle. Feel free to build new concept models or use a 3d scanner for scanning an existing model and use it for concept building. In the prototyping and testing stage the 3d printers allow one to build models based on aesthetics, strength and performance. To top it all, one can build a full-fledged end use part using 3d printing which helps one to skip several steps in the process of manufacturing.