Consumer Goods

Endless innovation thanks to 3D printers

Consumer Goods 3D Printing

When time is money, manufacturers face the challenge of turning out top-quality products in the most efficient way available. It’s a challenge that 3D printing is helping to meet head-on.

From consumer electronics, through sporting goods to children’s toys, both PolyJet and FDM methodologies are encouraging the creation of ultra-realistic prototypes, as well as enabling design iterations to be completed more quickly and cheaply than ever before. By using multiple colours and materials in the same build, today’s army of industrial designers, mechanical engineers and graphic artists leave no stone unturned in understanding the functionality and aesthetics of a product before taking it to market.

Why use 3D printing for consumer goods design?

  • Prototypes are produced in hours rather than days, speeding up product design/improvement cycles and reducing lead times significantly
  • Reduce the risk of intellectual property theft by developing everything in-house
  • Free the imaginations of designers and manufacturers by empowering them to visualise it, then make it
  • Remove complexity from workflows by producing full-scale prototypes straight from CAD designs, allowing hands-on customer insights
  • Craft products around specific consumer wants and needs by keeping the design-to-production process lean