Art, Design & Fashion

3D printing is changing how products are designed and manufactured

Designers have used 3D printing in fashion for several years; however, printed elements have been created separately and affixed to garments. 3D Printing sees the technique of printing directly on textiles, which provides unparalleled flexibility and integrity, as the key to creating modern, functional apparel and unlocking 3D printing’s commercial viability in the fashion industry..

Product Design 3D Printing

In the pursuit of product perfection, 3D printing is a natural choice. By delivering functional prototypes quickly and cost-effectively, cutting-edge Stratasys technology can streamline the design and development process, helping to create goods of a higher standard while driving up productivity and maximising profitability. For speed, realism, strength and durability, 3D printing has transformed the way some of the world’s best-loved brands are crafted and perfected.

Why use 3D printing for product design?

  • Create low-cost physical prototypes early in the design process for form, fit and function testing, eliminating the need for traditional tooling methods and speeding up product-to-market times
  • Multi-colour, multi-material 3D printing means models closely resemble an end product
  • Intricate designs with exceptionally thin walls, such as those required in consumer electronics, can be achieved
  • Office-friendly 3D printers have increased accessibility to state-of-the-art technology, enabling products to be honed on the desktop