Jigs & Fixtures

Producing bespoke jigs and fixtures can be done easily, quickly and cost-effectively on-site with 3D printing
Why use 3D-printing technology for jigs and fixtures?
To maintain production quality, efficiency and safety, businesses rely on highly customised jigs and fixtures to position, hold, protect and organise components and sub-assemblies at all stages of the manufacturing process.
3D printing can significantly enhance production of these tools and aids, helping to eliminate cost and design barriers and amplifying turnout.

  • FDM 3D-printing technology builds up plastic parts layer by layer directly from CAD files, simplifying the fabrication process. Tool making becomes less expensive and less time-consuming
  • Evaluate, identify and make immediate design improvements
  • FDM places fewer constraints on tool configuration, meaning tools can be crafted for optimal performance and ergonomics
  • Jigs and fixtures made from durable thermoplastics are tough but lightweight and able to withstand rugged manufacturing environments
  • Biocompatible options make them ideal for the medical industry also
  • Multi-material capabilities of PolyJet technology allow for highly bespoke jigs and fixtures, dependent on need
  • Create digital inventories for on-demand printing, rather than storing manufacturing tools when they are not in service