Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering (sometimes called back-engineering) is a process that is designed to extract enough data from a product and then to be able to reproduce that product. It may involve moving to creating a product from scratch or from pre-developed components. It can be applied to any product (such as computer technology, manufactured products, biological products, chemical products, etc.) to determine how the components are put together and how it works.

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Reverse Engineering Applications

  • NPD

  • Medical Surgery

  • Digital Record

  • Patent Infringement Identification

  • Competitor's product assessment

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3D Scan to CAD Steps

  • Step 1: Import scan data into SOLIDWORKS

  • Step 2: Planning

  • Step 3: Create a New Coordinate System

  • Step 4: Slice a 2D Cross Section of the Part

  • Step 5: Sketch the part

  • Step 6: Revolve the Sketch into a 3D Solid

  • Step 7: Analyse

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Reverse Engineering Samples


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