J35 Pro 

The versatile multi-material office printer

The J35™ Pro is an affordable PolyJet 3D printer suitable for the shared office offering multi-material capabilities for functional design and concept modelling providing engineers and designers the versatility to produce parts that match their exact needs.

Industry Applications

Consumer Goods – Functional Prototyping, Design Prototyping

Consumer Electronics – Functional Prototyping, Design Prototyping

Education – Research Institutes, In-House 3D Printing Lab

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J35 Pro System Specifications

System Size                           651 x 661 x 774 mm (25.63 x 26.02 x 30.48 in)


System Weight                       98 kg (216 lbs)

Accuracy                                Deviation from STL dimensions, for 1 Sigma (67%) of models printed with   rigid materials, based on size: under 100 mm – ±150μ; above 100 mm –   ±0.15% of part length. * Deviation from STL dimensions, for 2 Sigma   (95%) of models printed with rigid materials, based on size: under 100     mm – ±180μ; above 100 mm – ±0.2% of part length.


Maximum Build Size (XYZ)    Round Print Tray with up to 1,174cm2 (182 in2) Print Height: 158mm**     (6.22 in.) ** Maximum model height: 155 mm (6.1 in.)

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J35 Pro Materials

Supporting engineers and designers with different needs during various stages of the product development cycle is challenging. That is why the J35 was designed to meet different needs with different materials and parts. The J35 offers multi-material capabilities ideal for functional design and concept modeling and includes state-of-the-art print abilities with the combination of rubber-like shore (Elastico), high-impact (D-ABS), rigid visual (Vero), translucent (UltraClearS) and many more…

VeroUltra™ BlackS & WhiteS

VeroUltra™ enables the perfect simulation of high-quality injection molded parts. These new colors meet the 2D graphics standards while providing strong color contrast and color separation. Super realistic labels, graphics or text can be added to the model to simulate silkscreen printing or printed stickers.

VeroUltra™ ClearS

VeroUltraClearS provides exceptional clarity combined with strength, stiffness and impact resistance.


DraftGrey™ is a rigid material with medium opacity and smooth finish - the ultimate material for concept modeling offering stiffness and versatility at an extremely affordable price.

Elastico™ Black & Clear

Elastico™, a Clear/Black flexible PolyJet Photopolymer is designed especially for LED curing systems showing improved elongation to break and tear resistance and is ideal for advanced design verification and rapid prototyping.

Digital ABS

Digital ABS Plus™ is designed to simulate standard ABS plastics by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness.


Vero™ContactClear is a rigid transparent rapid prototyping material that is also biocompatible. It allows physical proof of concepts and prototypes requiring contact via skin or mouth.

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J35 Pro E-Book

Need a better understanding of how the J35™ simplifies your workflow? The J35™ e-book provides detailed data and screenshots. Learn about the 7 time-saving paths to simplified 3D printing. You won’t believe how easy it is.

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